First, olde skool can be spelled many ways--old school, old skewl, etc...the way I spell it is just my preference. Basically, olde skool is used to describe anything that was used or was popular in the 60s and 70s. Think back to that time, rap music and hip-hop were just starting out, and the "lowrider" song was really popular, people wore plaid flannels and colors like brown, green, and coral were popular. If you're confused, just look through some old magazines from that time period. Now to move onto Volkswagens....just apply the same principle to VW's. For example, a long time ago they had thermadors to keep cool in the summer but now lots of cars have A/C. So by having a thermador you are olde skool-ing it. Same thing with EMPI, which used to be really big back in the 60's and 70's. By having some empi stuff on your car its now olde skool-ed. The olde skool spectrum spans much larger than these examples though. Let's look at some typical characteristics of olde skool vw's:

These are two excellent examples of olde skool bugs. Even though each has different accessories, they are both considered olde skool.

anatomy of an olde skool bug anatomy of an olde skool bug

Olde Skool VS. Cal-Look
Some people say that I'm actually into the Cal-look style or Resto-Custom. And I agree that both of these looks are quite similiar to olde skool, but there is a slight difference. Cal-look was the POPULAR STYLE that everyone wanted back in the 1970s. These cars have mostly shaved chrome, with the turn signals in the bumper, or they have those freaky nerf bars and a 1-tone paint job. Overall, they are just very smooth looking. As for Resto-Custom, it is the POPULAR STYLE today. they look very 90's-ish. modern, clean, fixed-up, repaired, flawless, show cars. Note I said POPULAR STYLE for both Cal-look and Resto-Custom, which means that the style was popular for only a limited time. Olde skool IS a style, but not for a limited time. Olde skool will be around forever. It is a regression back to old times and a desire to reproduce those times.

Racing is also olde skool--like EMPI's car, the Inch Pincher. But racing volkswagens with fiberglass front ends and expensive engines (like they do today) is not olde skool. Remember when racing was just starting out? high school kids would go to an abandoned street or wherever and race their cars...they didn't have souped up engines or expensive safety gear. They were just using what they had and they would have tons of fun.

Occasionally you will hear the term "nu school" used throughout my page. This is the opposite of olde skool and again can be spelled any way. Basically I say "nu school" when other people use the term "late model," which are 68 and later vw's.

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