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chirco vw show

Chirco VW Show was held in Tucson, Arizona on october 10, 1999. basically it helps to promote the Chirco VW Superstore and the show was held in the parking lot. there wasn't much parking for spectators, we had to go way in back along a dirt road. it was stinkin hot out on that day, but not unusual for tucson. they had the usual engine blow, tattoo contest, and of course the trophies were given out about an hour late. i didn't enter in this show because they didn't have a class for me. all they had for beetles were Daily Driver, Restored, and Custom. the show was judged by a judging panel which was good. i have found that when the spectators do the judging, the people who win are the ones with the most friends, not the best car. they had some New Beetle showcase but i didn't hang around there long. i was looking to join a VW club and talked to some guy who was advertising people to join his club. the rules were you had to have a 67 or earlier and it had to be slammed. what's up with that?? i asked him if he had something against late models and he said 'yeah.' i moved on quickly. there wasn't that many olde skool vee-dubs to check out and i was a bit disappointed. it was a pretty good show overall and if they get any more classes i will enter my car in next year.

babyblue 63 mountain dew bus lowrider who didn't like late models mike's 64 mike's 64 from the back notchback thermador bug the whole show